Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Fixing a development environment for pyblosxom

Hello all! It looks like I have not been doing my blog duties lately =). I have not done any private programming! There are several reasons for this and it has to do with that time is a resource that I don't have a lot of right now =(. I study two C++ courses at the same time. I study a C++ basic course at the same time that I study a C++ advanced course. The good thing is that the courses are arranged by my employers and they allow me to use some work time for the C++ studies. I have also visited a lot of relatives lately, which of course have taken a lot of time. Moreover, there have been a lot of stuff to fix at home. However, I have not been completely useless. I have started to set up a development environment at my home for building and debugging pyblosxom plug-ins. I think it will be ready this weekend.

More to report on the life front is that I have bought the special edition of the movie Azumi.

Saturday, January 1, 2005