Monday, February 20, 2012

W3C validator does not like css3

If you use a referer url ( to the w3c validator for your css3, the validator will tell you that you have a broken css. This is because css3 is not a finished standard (from w3c point of view) and the validator will assume that you use css 2.1 by default. I discovered this when I added css3 media queries to my blogs css and the validation returned errors. However you can force the w3c validator to validate css3 by appending ?profile=css3 to the referer url like this:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Responsive Design and CSS3 Media Queries

Today I added responsive design to my little corner on the web. The idea with responsive design is to have a web page layout that changes with the screen size of the device the viewer is currently using to display the web page.

Do you want to see how it works? Well, the resize width of the web browser window you are using to browse this site and let it be narrower than the content and the sidebar (the sidebar contains the last 5 posts and the categories). You will now see that the sidebar is relocated to be just bellow the title banner of this web page.

Do you want to read more? A good starting point is this grate blog post by Dean Hume.